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April 2023: Donna Uchizono is choreographing a solo for New York City Ballet soloist Georgina Pazcoquin for the UMassBachfest
December 2023: Choreographers Annie-B Parson,Tendayi Kuumba and Donna Uchizono will be presenting a trisection piece in New York City.  More information to follow. Stay tuned!

May 2022: Premiere of "Iron Jane" at Baryshnikov Art Center co-presented by The Chocolate Factory
November 2022: Donna Uchizono remounts State of Heads on the California State University, Long Beach Dance Department

May 2020: World Premiere of "Iron Jane" at Baryshnikov Arts Center (Postponed to 2021)
April 2020: Florida State University ARTISTIMULUS Town Hall
February 2020: Donna Uchizono serves on Herb Alpert Award Panel
January 2020: APAP at Baryshnikov Art Center

August 2018: Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) Residency 
October 2018: "March" Master Class hosted through the Joyce Theater at Gibney
October 2018: World Premiere of "March Under an Empty reign" at The Joyce Theater
January 2018: "Iron Jane" Developmental Residency at The Chocolate Factory

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