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longing two


Conceived and Directed by Donna Uchizono
Choreography: Donna Uchizono in collaboration with performers
Sound Design: James Lo
Costume Design: Wendy Winters
Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur
Set Design: Ronnie Gensler
Company Manager: Melinda Lee
Interns: Jessie Cosentino, Kaitlin Fox
Music: “Norrlands Riviera” from Seaside Rock (2008) by Peter Bjorn and John; “When You Dance I Can Really Love” from After the Gold Rush (1970) by Neil Young; “Old Jailbird Voight” from Untitled Album (2006) by Sightings.

Dancers: Anna Carapetyan, Hristoula Harakas, Savina Theodorou, Donna Uchizono


Longing two was developed as a dual-location dance work that explores identity in the context of location and cultural perspective. Inspired by the international adoption process that Uchizono initiated to adopt a 4-to-6-year old girl from Nepal, the work used the idea of facing the issue of one’s choice rather than the necessity to create an identity was the springboard for material that Uchizono developed in two paired duets.

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