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Company History


Since it’s founding in 1990, the New York City-based Donna Uchizono Company has performed before enthusiastic audiences across the United States and throughout Europe and South America.


“…in devising movements and putting them together in unexpected ways, Donna Uchizono has ranked high on my originals list”

                                  - Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice


Artistic director and choreographer, Donna Uchizono, is a widely respected and award-winning artist who has been inventing dances of unique vocabulary and presenting them to the public for nearly 20 years. Her exceptional dedication to her Company and to her art has been rewarded with worldwide recognition and acclaim, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and grants from the National Endowment for the

Arts, the Harkness Foundation for Dance, the Rockefeller

Photo by: Julieta Cervantes

Foundation, and many others. Among her recent awards is a 2002 “Bessie” – the New York Dance and Performance Award – for her work Low.

In its commitment to bringing contemporary work to the public and to building appreciation for the performing and visual arts, the Company adheres to high standards of innovation and collaboration, frequently working hand-in-hand with visual and theatrical artists and composers from the beginning of the creative process. The Company’s highly expressive work is characterized by vivid, often startling immediacy, emotional power and beauty.


Reflecting its founder’s dedication to artistic integrity, the Donna Uchizono Company has aimed throughout its existence to embody the power of dance – to convey its meaning and essence to both current and new generations of audiences. This process advances choreography and movement generally while retaining the narrative content that connects to our hearts, minds and souls.


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