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Leap to Tall


Choreography: Donna Uchizono

Music: Michael Floyd and Iva Bittová, used by permission from the artist

Sound Design: Georgios Kontos

Lighting Design: Robert Wierzel

Costume Design: Wendy Winters

DancersMikhail Baryshnikov, Hristoula Harakas, Jodi Melnick

Leap to Tall was commissioned by the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation.


Commissioned by the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation to create an original work for Mikhail Baryshnikov. Inspired by the creation of the Baryshnikov Art Center in which Uchizono created the work while they were building the center, Uchizono created a piece for “Misha” in honor of the great leaps in his life. 

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