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David Hammons - Visual Artist

Fred Frith - Composer

Guy Yarden - Composer

James Lo  - Composer

okk yung lee - Composer

Joe Levasseur - Lighting Designer

Katie Mauer - Costume Designer

Lawrence “Butch” Morris - Composer

Marcus Groh - Pianist

Maya Ciarrocchi - Video Designer

Michael Casselli - Set/Video Designer

Robert Wierzel - Lighting Designer

Stan Pressner - Lighting Designer

Tom Cora - Composer

Wendy Winters - Costume Designer

David Shively - Composer

Jane Shaw - Lighting/Sound Designer

Photo by: John Cyr


Abigail Yager - San Andreas (replacement)

Alex Escalante - Approaching Green

Andrew Clark - Butterflies from my Hand, Low

Anna Carapetyan – longing two

Antonio Ramos – Thin Air

Bronwen MacArthur - The Wayne Sisters, Low

Carla Rudiger - quietly goes a giant jane, Low, Butterflies from my Hand

Connor McTeague - Fault, San Andreas

David Thomson - San Andreas (replacement)

                              - Butterflies from my Hand, Approaching Green, Moving Lizt, Thin Air, State of Heads, longing two

Jennifer Allen - quietly goes a giant jane

Jodi Melnick - Surfacing (replacement), Fault, San Andreas, Three Trees, Leap to Tall

José Navas - Leaning Tall

Julie Alexander - Thin Air

Kayvon Pourazar - Butterflies from my Hand, Low

Kevin Schroder - Waving, Not Drowning, Leaning Tall,

                        - State of Heads, Summer Sprinkler,

Invitatdos, Low, Salon Project, Butterflies from My Hand, Moving Lizt

Lucy Guerin - Waving-Not Drowning

Luis Tentindo - Approaching Green

Mia Lawrence - Accommodations, The Sky is Falling and Little Escapes, Drinking Ivy (replacement)

Michael Foley - Sage Passage

Michelle Boulé - Approaching Green

Mikhail Baryshnikov - Leap to Tall

Nikki Castro - Surfacing, Accomodations, The Wayne Brothers, Drinking Ivy, quietly goes a giant jane, Iron Wings

Phillip Adams - Leaning Tall, Fault, San Andreas, Waving-Not Drowning

Rebecca Hilton - Surfacing, Accomodations

                                  - Moving Lizt, State of Heads, Fire Underground

Bronwen MacArthur - The Wayne Sisters, Low

Renée Lemieux - Leaning Tall

Sally Hess - Sage Passage, Sprinkler

Savina Theodorou - longing two

Shannon McCord- State of Heads, Invitados

Sondra Loring- Leaning Tall, Surfacing (replacement), Fault, San Andreas

Stanley Love - Sage Passage

Yukiko Shinozaki - quietly goes a giant jane

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