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THANK YOU. Your gift of any amount is an investment towards the continued viability of a company pushing the boundaries of possibility in artistic creation and collaboration, bringing works to the public that fascinate and enlighten.


For performer salaries,  artist commissioning fees, production costs, rehearsal studio space, video archival, and more, we count on your support--both inside and outside the theatre.

Donna Uchizono Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. To contribute by check, please make your check payable to La Donna Dance, Inc. and send to the address below.



Amy Hecht
Amy Lamphere
Andrew Yuder
Ann Rosenthal
Anna Trentalance
Annie Brumbaugh
Arzhang Kamarei
Barbara Bryan
Bebe Miller
Beth Iguchi and Martin Iguchi
Beth Counihan
Carol and Maury Cyr
Carolyn Evans
Catherine Young
Cathy Gavin
Cathy Edwards
Christine Hou
Doris Cunningham
Dale Wiley
David Hammons
David Thomson
Doreen Stone
Erin Thompson
Gina Cunningham
Gina Bolles Sorensen
Gunti Singh
Isabel Tartaglia
Ivy Baldwin
Jamie Graham
Jana Feinman
Jane Jerardi
Jean Wedaa Clark
Jen Mack
John Jasperse
John Sanderson
Judith Newman
Julie Harwood
Julie Alexander
K.J. Holmes
Karen Ivy
Karen Shanley
Karen Weiser
Kathy Wasik
Kathy Westwater
Kevin Walz
Lara Rose
Laurel George
Laurie Uprichard
Layla Childs


Linda Sohl Ellison

Lisa Krauss
Lois Plehn
Lorene Bouboushian
Lynn Sherwood
Lynn Uchizono
Marcella Durand and Rich Orussa
Megan Kendzior
Melanie Maar
Michael Grimaldi
Michael Oruch
Michelle Boulé
Minnie and Shiro Uchizono
Moira Brennan
Nancy Glassman
Naomi Mizusaki
Natalija Djunic
Neil Greenberg
Nicole Mannarino
Nikki Castro
Omagbitse Omagbemi
Ori Flomin
Patricia Low
Patrizia Tombesi
Paul O'Neil and Elizabeth Young
Paul Taylor
Peggy Cheng
Peter Zajonc
Rachel Berman
Ralf Korbmacher
Rebecca Wender
Rebecca Brooks
Rich Orussa
Robet Serrell
RoseAnne Spradlin
Sam Miller
Sam Stokes
Sandy Szakach
Sarah Maxfield
Sharon Mansur
Sita Frederick
Sixto Wagan
Sophia Mak
Susan Kwan
Tanya Kames
Ted Johnson
Tere O'Connor
William Lenart
Zulal Yasav

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